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e-Frame is easy for installation without hoistway.

Hoistway Profile

◇ Hoistway frame color

Hoistway Side Panel

◇ PC Panel

◇ Toughened Glass

◇ Wood venner

Car Deroration


e-Touch for car operation comes with functions to control the elevator like an ipad. Which can choose different background patterns to cater for clients’reference. The operation panel indicates detail information to guide users for trouble shooting during breakdown. The user can upload photos and background patterns through USB disc to the e-Touch system.

User Friendly Touch Screen

e-Display system:

  • LED illumination with multiple colors and brightness for lamplight
  • Intelligent interface for e-Calling system
  • Easy for photo browsing and changing(e-Lighting)
  • Maintenance record and reminder(e-Call)
  • Fault Display & Answer for troubleshooting(e-Display)

Unique Circular Shape Alloy with Directions


Full touch button with blue light


High-tech and aesthetics art

Safety components

Roller guide shoe

The roller material comes from Taiwan, which can prevent the oil contamination by our sliding guide shoe.

Speed governor

In the event of overspeed or the steel wire rope breaks by accident, the speed governor will detect the speed and stop the elevator immediately.

Steel wire rope

PICONORM use the top quality steel wire rope from Italy or England which can support 10 tons weight by each rope. Our lift has two ropes to provide 20 tons of load and the safest guarantee for our customer.



PICONORM has developed the top quality SAFETY parts together with the America studio that can stop the lift immediately to guarantee the safety of our passengers, when the elevator is overspeed or the rope is broken.

Drive & Control

Drive System (e-Motor)

PICONORM has developed the highly electrical motor and special helical gear together with the Taiwan Institute of mechanical which can provide the double performance than other products in the marketing.


Split Control System (e-Controller II)

  • On/Off button for the lift for owner convenient.
  • Space saving and artistic in design.
  • This is only applicable for motor's that are located in pit depth or at the top of the shaft,for simple maintenance by the engineer to control the lift running outside of the shaft.


The user can change lamplight color and brightness inside or outside the elevator car by e-Touch operation system, as well as setting the sleeping time of the lamplight.



In the event of elevator power failure, the e-Power system will provide immediate power supply for the elevator. The e-touch system will indicate power failure information to passengers, while the elevator to arrive at the closest floor to allow passengers to leave the elevator safely.



e-Call system—intelligent and prompt calling system

e-Call Function Introduction

During lift fault, the e-touch system will start emergency calling interface automatically. The passenger can choose the preset calling for help and the maintenance personnel of PICONORM HOME LIFT will trouble shoot immediately and the passenger can press alarm bell of e-Touch for three seconds to call for help.


How to deal with lift faul?

Functional Series


  • Hoistway self-learning
  • Collective control operation
  • Automatic fault diagnosis
  • Wave detection of grid voltage
  • Door re-open signal
  • After Inspection lift automatic leveling
  • Auto correction of floor position signal
  • One-touch dial
  • Emergency rescue device (option)
  • Position and floor name record during power-off
  • Canceled calling function
  • Repeated close door
  • Automatic fault record
  • Parking ability
  • Bypassed stop setting
  • Input port evaluation
  • Lift running time protection function


  • Automatic door open switch
  • Open and close button
  • Close button and door pre-open
  • Automatic energy saving function
  • Flexible floor setting
  • Auto Relevelling
  • Hall floor position indicator and lift state display
  • Open,close door button
  • Manually floor selection
  • Ventilation in the car(standard for E4200/E4400)
  • Floor indicator defined by customerT-BOX (option)


  • Inspection
  • Hit ground buffering device
  • Relay detection protection
  • Drive equipment overheating protection(OHT)
  • Fault low-speed self-rescue
  • Over-load door open and alarm
  • Manual operating on car top is preferred
  • Closing time protection
  • Outside door zone without opening door
  • Limit protection
  • Electric brake
  • Protection against reverse travel
  • Main contactor and brake contactor protection
  • Door lock short circuit protection
  • The screen door protection device
  • Rope over-winding protection
  • Upper and lower limit protection device
  • Pre-torque output
  • Contactor feedback detection
  • Power off lighting and alarm
  • Car roof and control car emergency electric operation
  • Speed feedback detection
  • Safety circuit protection
  • Brake detection and protection
  • End station for speed and floor number correction
  • Full-load direct running(LNS)
  • Door close blocked protection