Screw villa lift



Screw villa lift


S-future series screw villa lift is designed by German senior engineers, through the perfect combination of screw and steel band to achieve the car operation. Advanced screw technology is applied, with ultra-low civil requirements, easy installation, safety and reliability. The fine details of art design have added aesthetic enjoyment to the experience.

Save space
No pit required, only a fitting surface height of 100 mm required for the installation, with the minimum installation space 750 * 750 mm, and the minimum headroom height of 2,500 mm

Flexible structure
Diversified door opening ways, low loss and maintenance saving

Safe and energy saving
More superior safety performance, falling-prevention; 220V home power, Grade A energy consumption, optimum power efficiency.

Hoist frame and car adopt sheet metal pieces

Installation steps:Modular installation of components, convenient and quick kit installation

Foot assembly
Frame kit
Fixed frame
Guide rail
Hoist kit

Speed governor
Car system
Landing door kit
Wire rope
Electrical parts
Finish installation