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Hoistway Profile

◇ Hoistway frame color

Hoistway Side Panel

◇ PC Panel

◇ Toughened Glass

◇ Toughened Glass


e-Touch, full-touch human-machine interface, highlights the elegant and luxurious quality, and reflects the wisdom of cutting-edge technology.

Full touch computer control e-Touch system

  • All -metal case highlights noble quality
  • Different scenarios selected topics
  • The color and brightness of the car interior and exterior lighting can be designed through the screen ( e-Lighting )
  • Emergency touch screen wireless phone outside help ( E-Call )
  • Users can easily change the touch screen in the photo ( E-Display )
  • The user can check the maintenance records of the elevator. The system has an automatic reminder maintenance function to ensure the normal operation of the elevator.
  • All kinds of elevator malfunction display and prompts the user how to respond to sudden failure.

Hall operation panel


Full-touch button, large touch-sensitive surface makes it easy for anyone to call the elevator. The button emits blue light at ordinary times, and it serves as an illumination indicator at night. When the elevator is ready to arrive, the aperture of the button will flash to remind the user that it is about to arrive.


The alloy creates a round outbound call, which integrates call button, floor indication and direction indication, and combines high technology and aesthetics perfectly.

Crescent-shaped door handle with exquisite round and ultra-thin outgoing call, like a dragon throwing beads.

Drive & Control


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The new generation TRANS control system completely breaks the traditional elevator design concept. The appearance is integrated with modern aesthetic elements. With the most advanced e-Drive control technology, the design is more compact and the volume is greatly reduced. The design brings out the perfect combination of aesthetics and technology.

e-Lighting Atmosphere

In order to adapt to customers’ different color preferences and different atmospheres, e-Lighting allows customers to change the color and brightness of the lights in the cabin through the e-Touch operating system.

e-Power power failure operation device


e-Power ( endure power ), no longer allows customers to be trapped in the elevator due to a sudden power outage, ensuring customer safety.

e-Power Features

When the elevator encountered a sudden power outage during the operation of the building, e-Power quickly provided power to the elevator to allow the elevator to run to the nearest floor and ensure that passengers left the elevator safely.



e-Call (emergency call), no longer allows customers to be trapped in the elevator due to elevator failure and can not ask the outside world for help, ensuring customer safety.

e-Call Function Introduction

  • When the elevator stops running due to a fault, the e-Touch operating system will display an emergency call interface. Passengers can choose a preset caller to call for help; if the elevator stops running for more than 6 seconds without operation, the system will automatically dial an emergency contact Call until someone answers.
  • When the passenger wants to ask for help outside the elevator in an unexpected situation, he can press the alarm button of the e-Touch operating system to call for help outside. The system will automatically call the preset caller or the passenger chooses the caller.

What to do if the elevator fails?

Function configuration

No Hinged door Automatic door
1 Maintenance operation The maintenance running speed can be changed in the inverter, and there is a maintenance operation box on the control cabinet and car roof. X X
2 Self-learning Self-learning to memorize the horizontal position of each floor. (This self-learning speed can be modified in the inverter). X X
3 Collective control operation It is a fully automatic set selection operation method. X X
4 Automatically open the door upon arrival Fully automatic door system, single-phase 220V PM door machine system. O X
5 Open the door without direction or on the same floor When the elevator calls in the hall on the same floor without direction, the door opens automatically. When the elevator calls in the hall on the same floor in the same direction, the elevator door is automatically re-opened before the door is closed and not activated. O X
6 Door open button When the door is closed or in place, the door open button is activated, and the door of the elevator reacts immediately and opens the door. O X
7 Switch button closes early When the door is in place, the door close button is activated, and the door of the elevator reacts and closes immediately. O X
8 Door closed and alarm for overload After the overload (110%) signal is activated, the door is not closed after it is opened. COP or car roof buzzer provides overload alarm. O X
9 Door reopen signal to open the door The door reopening signal is received by a light curtain or a safety touch panel. After closing the door, start the light curtain or the safety touch panel door to reopen. O X
10 The   elevator is not automatically leveled on the door area after maintenance After the maintenance is switched to automatic, if the elevator is not in the leveling area, it will return to the leveling automatically. X X
11 Automatic correction of floor position signals When the elevator reached when the highest or lowest floor, and if the elevator floor display does not automatically correct position and display. X X
12 Automatic power saving function When the elevator has passed a period of time (the default is 10 minutes), this time can be modified when no one is using it, the elevator automatically cuts off the car lighting and fans to save energy. X X
13 Main contactor and brake contactor stick protection When the system detects that the contacts of the main contactor and the brake contactor are stuck abnormally, the elevator will stop service immediately. X X
14 Location and floor memory after power failure Have memory chip (to keep memory for at least 5 years). X X
15 Power failure lighting device and alarm bell COP has a light that can reduce the anxiety of passengers in the car during a power outage. COP also has alarm buttons, car roof has a 12V alarm can provide the police report . 12V emergency power battery can be charged when the home power is normal. X X
16 Automatic flat floor rescue operation When the elevator fails to stop at the flat floor due to factors such as power outages or failures, after the foregoing factors are eliminated, the elevator automatically detects that the safety circuit is correct, drives to the nearest building at low speed, and opens the door to let passengers leave. X X
17 Inbound call cancellation in reverse When the elevator moves in a different direction, the system will cancel all previous landing floors by mistake, avoiding invalid stops and saving power. X X
18 Floor position and elevator status display in car Both the car and the landing panel will show the current floor, running direction and elevator status (such as overload, maintenance, etc.) of the elevator. X X
19 Door closed blocked When the elevator is closed, the external resistance exceeds the set value, the elevator will reopen the door to ensure safety. O X
20 Repeated closing When the door closing protection is invalid, the elevator door is blocked by foreign objects and cannot be closed. O X
21 Automatic fault recording When the elevator fails, such as safety circuit trip or power failure, etc., the system will automatically record the most recent incidents. This record can be viewed by the parameter adjuster or laptop. X X
22 Manual operation of car roof has priority When the car roof and the manual switch of the machine room are turned on at the same time, the machine room should not be operated to protect the safety of the car roof personnel. X X
23 Elevator running time protection function If the elevator does not reach the station after the set time, the elevator will run to the nearest floor to open the door. X X
24 Flexible floor settings The elevator floor display can be set through menu operation. X X
25 Automatic return to base station When running without a driver, if the function of setting the automatic return to the base station is valid, the elevator will automatically return to the base station for standby when the time without any call instruction exceeds the preset time. X X
26 Door lock short circuit protection In the automatic operation mode, the elevator recognizes whether the door lock is abnormal every time the door is opened. O X
27 Location of hall floor and elevator display status The outgoing call shows the current floor, running direction and elevator status (such as overload, maintenance, etc.) of the elevator. X X